The Power Of Simulation

For those who did not know, simulations is a software that can mimic the operations of a real life situation. When I first heard about it I thought, ’yeah right, yet another way to get money from my pocket.’ I am not a very stingy person but like everyone else I like seeing value for my money. All software according to me work based on algorithm and only follow certain processes. So I assumed that the software would need that I tell it how many customers I get in a day and how long it takes to serve each one. In business, this is impossible, more so when you are a gas station owner like me.

This was all until my best friend Jerry explained that it does not work based on specific figures and that it does mimic the randomness and unpredictability of life! Therefore, I tried it and loved it. This software programs list assimilates the constraints of life too, the lack of resources and time and even looks at other things you interact with on a daily basis. It has made it easy for me to keep inventories, look at the productivity of my workers and most importantly earn more profit from my business because it shows me what I could change to keep earning more or to simply make the work place better.

Simulations creates an inexpensive way for me to look at different scenarios. The other day I thought, well with the police patrolling and the many security cameras I have, I really do not need a night guard. So I placed this thought to the software. Turns out, if at a random night it rains and the lights go off, I get robbed I will lose a lot more than I pay the guard! If I had decided to make the experiment real, I would have lost so much more and ended up regretting. This software makes it easy to know when is time to fire staff, hire them or just stick to the ones you have. Keeps me from making a lot of mistakes.

The software is random and does not work like our mind when it comes to repetition. We may assume that we will earn the same amount each day, which is not possible. The software takes one idea and tests it many times with different inputs to help you know whether It is the right idea to implement or not.